The National Pork Board has set a goal of June 30, 2010 for all U.S. pork producers to be PQA Plus certified. In addition, a follow-up goal is to have all pork production sites assessed by Dec. 31, 2010.

Chris Novak, chief executive officer of the National Pork Board, says the Pork Quality Assurance program helps producers meet the expectations of consumers.“It’s a way for producers to go through a training and certification program so that they can learn better animal handling practices, better animal production and animal health practices,” says Novak. Production site certification follows completion of the training.

According to Novak, nearly 20,000 producers have been certified in the last year, but the 2010 goals are still ambitious. “It’s a challenge. We know we’ve got 70,000 pork producers out there and probably another 50,000 employees who need to come through that certification and training program,” Novak adds.

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Source: Hoosier Ag Today