A smart business looks out for its No. 1 customer, and soybean producers are no different. Livestock and poultry are soybean growers’ No.1 customer, consuming the majority of the soybean meal produced in the United States. That’s why the United Soybean Board has made it a priority to support animal agriculture and to have soybean producers speak out for the livestock and poultry industries.

To help support livestock production’s business climate, soybean industry leaders have developed another new tool to provide accurate, fact-based information on livestock production. Soybean producers now have access to a complete animal agriculture information kit. The kit includes hard copies of materials developed to support animal agriculture, such as fact sheets covering animal welfare issues, meat nutritional information, manure-management practices and general animal agriculture information. USB will provide these kits to key industry influencers to use as they work to support animal agriculture.

Many people don’t fully understand livestock and poultry production’s economic contribution to the U.S. and local economies. For example, the livestock and poultry industries accounted for $396 billion in economic output in the United States in 2004. In addition, animal agriculture accounted for more than 2.5 million jobs and contributed nearly $17 billion in income and sales tax, and more than $2 billion in property taxes.

For more information about the kit, go to www.unitedsoybean.org.