College juniors and seniors who plan to pursue a career in pork production management or a related field, or who will attend graduate school and major in a discipline with an emphasis on swine, are eligible to apply for one of 19 available scholarships sponsored by the National Pork Board/National Pork Checkoff, PIC and Pioneer.

The application deadline is Oct. 1, and scholarship recipients will be notified in December.

“This is an extremely important part of what we do on behalf of America’s pork producers,” says Mark Knauer, NPB’s animal science director. “Encouraging young people to continue their education in swine-related fields helps to ensure that we have a steady pipeline of experts in areas critical to the industry’s future success.”

The top application will be awarded a scholarship of $5,000, and a $3,500 scholarship will go to the first runner-up. All of the other scholarships awarded are $2,000 each.

Preference will be given to scholarship applicants who are:

  • Members of a family currently in or associated with pork production;
  • Members of a family associated with allied industry or the marketing segments of the pork industry;
  • Active or past members of industry youth leadership-development programs with emphasis on swine;
  • Experienced in previous swine-specific internships.

Interested parties can direct specific questions to Lana Modlin by calling (515) 223-2609 or e-mailing at