Energy costs are high, but large savings are hard to come by. Instead, it’s the seemingly little things that you chip away at that eventually add up. One such example, according to Jay Harmon, Iowa State University agricultural engineer, can be found in your light bulb use. Here’s a comparison between typical incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents.

Incandescent                          Compact Fluorescent

75 watts                                      18 watts
1,065 lumens                            1,200 lumens
750-hour life                              10,000-hour life
38-cent initial cost                    $6.77 initial cost

Suppose the lights are operational for 8 hours per day all year long (2,920 hours)

Incandescent                         Compact Fluorescent

219 kilowatt hours                 53 kilowatt hours
or $15.33 per year                 or $3.68 per year

Incandescent                         Compact Fluorescent

Need 3.89 bulbs                   Need 0.29 bulbs
per year = $1.48                    per year = $1.98


Incandescent                         Compact Fluorescent

Total cost = $16.81                Total cost = $5.66


Think about how many light bulbs you have in service, and you can see how the savings can add up.