Activist groups are masters at finding ways to make money; last month a new option opened up for the Humane Society of the United States.

Bank of America will let people designate HSUS as a charity to receive compensation if they open a checking account and/or use an HSUS Bank of America VISA Check Card. The program gives HSUS 25 cents for every $100 charged to the credit card. Participants also get a free HSUS t-shirt “after qualifying uses.”

Now, your “checking account can make a difference,” said a promotional piece for the new joint effort, and you can “celebrate your love of animals with every purchase you make.”

“This is a great way to support the work of HSUS,” says Wayne Pacelle, HSUS president and chief executive officer. “When you open your account, and each time you make an eligible purchase with your Bank of America VISA check card, you’ll support our mission.”

Check out the program for yourself. If you’d like to send a slightly different message about this HSUS funding option, that Web link also has a draft letter that you can send to Bank of America.