Okay, raise your hand if you’ve read the 2008 Farm Bill. No, of course you haven’t read it.

You have much better things to do than plow through the more than 600 pages and 15 titles of the long-awaited 2008 Farm Bill. It is a daunting task. But the programs and decisions contained within those pages will impact your business.

To help out, Carl Zulauf, an agricultural economist at The Ohio State University, has summarized the titles and accompanying provisions of the farm bill through a series of Web-based documents. The papers cover four major areas:

  • Farm income and risk-management programs (principally Titles I and XII, but also some of Title XV),
  • Provisions of the other titles,
  • The Supplemental Agricultural Disaster Assistance program, and
  • The Average Crop Revenue Election program.

To view Zulauf’s review of the documents, click here.