The Center for Food Integrity is a new non-profit corporation organized to focus on building consumer trust in and understanding of today’s U.S. food system.

Based in Kansas City, some of the organizations involved in the group are the National Pork Board, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Chicken Council and National Council of Chain Restaurants. In all, more than 20 organizations are included in the roster.

The center combines the Grow America Project and Best Food Nation, two national initiatives established in 2006 to increase public understanding about the food system. “There were a lot of common objectives between the two organizations, so it made sense to bring them together,” says Jim Fallon, director of communications for the center.

He points out that the group’s first project will be coordinating teams to provide strategic leadership to address five key issue areas:

  • Health and nutrition           
  • Food safety           
  • Worker care
  • Environment
  • Food animal well-being.

“Those are recurring issues that are on our members’ radar,” Fallon says.