Need help developing your nutrient management plan? The goal of CLEANmp is to provide confidential, no-cost technical assistance to pork producers that will identify and address nitrogen and phosphorus issues.

Livestock producers across the nation are eligible to apply. The Environmental Resources Coalition will use federal grant dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency to help livestock operators west of the Mississippi River prepare nutrient management plans and environmental assessments. ERC is a non-profit group dedicated to water-quality protection and improvement efforts. RTI International, a research institute in North Carolina, will use its portion of the EPA grant to work with farmers in the eastern half of the nation.

The project will help producers reduce contamination in water runoff and protect water and air quality. Comprehensive environmental assessments are part of the effort, as well.

“It’s important for producers to understand how their operations can impact water quality,” says Mark White, the project’s technical director. “This project will help them develop a nutrient management plan that addresses their needs and also helps protect the environment. That’s a win for producers and a win for water quality.”

Read more information about the environmental assessment and nutrient management project, or contact Betty Wyse or Mark White at (573) 634-7078.