Forty-two percent of Americans said they’ve become sick over the past two years from what they attribute (at least in part) to something they ate, according to a Harris Interactive poll, which surveyed 2,010 adults online.

Of those who indicated they became sick from something they ate, 26 percent have eliminated that food from their diet. Another 15 percent said they advised family, friends and colleagues not to eat that food item.

Fresh foods generated the most concern. Of those responding that they are “at least somewhat concerned” about the safety of fresh foods, 31 percent were most concerned about the safety of fresh meats, followed by 23 percent who cited fresh poultry.

Americans generally trust that our foods are safe to eat, but the result of a food-related illness can be severe consumer backlash both in terms of avoiding the food and advocating to others not to eat the food product, Harris officials point out.