An educational video discussing the implications of the Japanese Maximum Residue Limits is now available online at

The American Association of Swine Veterinarians, the National Pork Board and Pfizer Animal Health joined forces to produce the video. Alpharma, Bayer, Huvepharma, PennField and Schering-Plough also provided additional input and sponsorship.

The harsh reality is that failure to comply with the MRL requirements could result in increased testing, product rejection and ultimately the loss of U.S. pork’s largest export market.

The video features a panel of experts discussing implications of the Japanese MRLs on various pork industry segments, including veterinarians, producers, packers and the animal-health industry. It discusses the importance of modifying withdrawal times to ensure compliance with the MRLs, especially in finishing hogs and the breeding herd. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturers were asked to provide withdrawal times, for all products, necessary to allow producers and veterinarians to comply with Japan’s new requirements. You can find a list of those withdrawal times on NPB’s Web site at It’s advisable to review that content often to ensure that you are compliant.

Also, AASV’s Pharmaceutical Issues Committee has compiled a set of recommendations to guide veterinarians when prescribing pharmaceuticals for use in swine herds. A key recommendation is to only use products listed within  NPB’s database.