This winter’s heavy snow loads have wreacked havoc with livestock buildings in some areas, including hog barns. With this unfortunate development, it also brings forth a good reminder to check your insurance policy.

Don’t take for granted that roof collapses due to snow and ice are covered in your current policy; some folks found out too late that their farm policies had limitations on certain perils. According to one Michigan insurance agent, there are some variances on state requirements as to what insurance policies have to cover. For example, some require fire and wind protection but leave additional coverage to the discretion of the business owner.

Keep in mind that some states have broader requirements than others, so you may be required to shell out some extra cash for additional coverage. Depending on where your hog operation is located, this coverage may be more important than in some other areas. Of course, this winter’s widespread storms prove that no one is always safe.

If you have any doubt about your coverage, contact your insurance agent for a policy  review today.