A new University of Illinois Extension Web site offers information about alternative methods to handle livestock manure in economical and practical ways. The information provided is the culmination of research efforts since the 1990s.

Swine Waste Economical and Environmental Treatment, or SWEETA, was prepared by the Livestock and Urban Waste Research Team, which involved a group of 12 investigators who represent diverse but complementary disciplines. Paul Walker, Illinois State University, is the program’s coordinator. Duane Friend, University of Illinois Extension natural resources management educator; and Eberhard Morganroth and David Williams, both faculty members with expertise in environmental microbiology and composting, respectively, also helped create the site.

The Web site is designed as an outreach and information dissemination arm of the LUW team, with the goal of transferring technology information to end users. More specifically, the Web site content focuses on taking a system’s approach to process and land-apply liquid swine manure. To access the Web site, click here.