Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus) is a continuous improvement program that outlines Good Production Practices (GPPs) in the areas of animal care and food safety. PQA Plus outlines three distinct components of participation:

  • Individuals can become certified through an education program;
  • Producer farms can receive a benchmark site status designation through on-farm site assessment; and
  • Sites will be randomly selected for an on-farm survey as part of a verification process.

Results will be used to enhance program content and track achievements, adding further credibility to PQA Plus.

The Right Thing to Do. Right Now.

Consumers, pork processors, grocery retailers and foodservice operators have shown a growing interest in the attributes of the products they purchase for food, including the well-being of the animals raised by pork producers. To remain competitive, producers must respond by demonstrating compliance with modern animal care and operation practices. PQA Plus is the tool to use to meet these market demands. The program is a cornerstone of our industry’s We Care initiative, which seeks to show that pork producers are responsible, proactive and can be trusted to do the right thing.

The National Pork Board seeks to maximize PQA Plus participation and to certify the thousands of allied employees involved in animal care and production. In June 2009, the NPB adopted a resolution urging that:

  • By June 30, 2010, all U.S. pork producers become certified in the PQA Plus program;
  • By December 31, 2010 all producers achieve PQA Plus site status.

How does an individual obtain PQA Plus certification?

How can I earn site status for my operation?

  • After PQA Plus certification has been obtained, arrange for a PQA Plus advisor to conduct an on-farm site assessment of your operation.
  • Or, after PQA Plus certification has been obtained, receive additional training from a PQA Plus advisor, successfully complete an examination and then conduct a self-assessment.

What is the survey component and how can it affect my operation?

  • Production sites receiving PQA Plus site status will be entered into a pool from which a statistically valid sample of sites will be eligible for third-party surveys.
  • Site Status cannot be revoked as a result of the survey process. The survey is meant to assess the success of the PQA Plus program and make improvements when warranted.

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