As pork producers, my husband and I take our responsibility for environmental stewardship seriously. We have a moral, social and fiscal responsibility  to be good managers – to pass our land, our values and the same agriculture opportunities we’ve enjoyed onto future generations.

For more than 170 years, my family has lived and worked on this land. And whether it is adhering to strict cleaning standards or following a comprehensive nutrient management plan, we feel it is our responsibility to use every tool available to us to protect it.

That’s why I’m committed to telling my story of responsible production through programs like PQA Plus®. PQA Plus allows me to reach out to those removed from animal agriculture and help them understand that we are committed to only using production practices that keep our hogs safe and protect our natural resources. It’s a way for me to stand up and proudly declare that on our farm we do things the right way.

I’m Sharon Oetting, a Missouri pork producer, and I’m PQA Plus® certified.

Sharon and her husband, Steve, run a 125-sow farrow-to-finish operation on their farm in Concordia, Missouri. They were recently awarded the 2009 Environmental Stewards Award by the National Pork Board.