The number of U.S. operations with hogs in 2011 totaled 69,100, unchanged from 2010. Note that USDA included in its count any site that had one or more hogs/pigs on hand on Dec. 31.

Operations with 2,000 or more swine totaled 8,800 and accounted for 87 percent of the inventory, according to USDA’s annual “Farms, Land in Farms and Livestock Operations” report.  Sites that have 1,000 to 1,999 hogs/pigs totaled 3,400.

The number of farms of all sorts in the United States totaled 2.2 million in 2011. That was down slightly from 2010’s numbers. Total land in farms, at 917 million acres, dropped 1.85 million acres from 2010. The farm size averaged 420 acres, up 1 acre from the previous year.

The number of operations with cattle totaled 922,000 for 2011, down 1 percent from 2010. Beef cow operations in 2011, at 734,000, were also down 1 percent from last year. The number of milk cow operations fell 4 percent from 2010 levels.

While total U.S. farm acreage declined slightly, larger operations have expanded their acreage. Land operated by farms with $500,000 or more in sales increased 2.5 percent, to 305.7 million acres. Land operated by farms with sales equalling $1,000 to $9,999 and $100,000 to $249,999 both declined by 3.5 percent.

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