While the U.S. pork industry has had a swine identification program in place for more than 20 years, the National Pork Board and USDA have launched an official eartag for sows and boars heading to market. The effort involves pink eartags that clearly display the seven-digit Premises Identification Number, linking the pig back to the owner.

Tied to the “Just Think Pink” campaign, the effort supports the industry’s disease surveillance programs. Identifying each pig will enhance the ability to quickly detect and contain diseases through harvest channels, NPB reports.

Along with the PIN, the tags will carry USDA’s shield on the front and a barcode with an optional production number on the back of the tag, eliminating the need for a separate management tag.  This new eartag can be used in place of the official USDA backtag and must be used anytime a sow or boar moves into a harvest channel. This new system ensures that the industry meets national and international standards, NPB points out.

To learn more about the use and benefits of the official pink premises identification number tags, go to pork.org/swineIDplan. The website will provide more in-depth information and a list of approved vendors where you can purchase the tags.