If you’re thinking about an open house to bridge the information gap between consumers or the community, particularly as it relates to new or remodeled facilities, the National Pork Board’s “We Care” program offers some very useful support materials.

NPB now has an open house kit that provides the promotional tools necessary to gain media and community attention. By promoting open house events for swine facilities, producers can demonstrate their commitment to their communities while displaying the economic impact and value of a swine operation, NPB points out.     

The kit includes newspaper advertisements, a sample event agenda, sample press release and other tools that you can use to promote an open house. Each document highlights the “We Care” initiative, showing the public that pork producers are committed to doing the right thing.
“An open house is an excellent opportunity to show the public what goes on behind the walls of the barn and to share the story of the farm family involved in the project,” says Tim Maiers, director of public relations for the Illinois Pork Producers Association. “The open house kit provides producers with the tools and resources necessary to assist them in planning and implementing a successful event.”

To order your open house kit, contact the NPB Service Center at (800) 456-7675.