Every hog in your care produces a product that ends up on someone’s table. That makes you a food producer and a steward of product quality. Many things during the hog rearing and pork production process can influence the product’s ultimate quality.

In recent years, the increased use of distillers’ dried grains with solubles and other byproducts in swine diets has dramatically increased, which has impacted and, consequently, heightened the focus on pork product quality.

The March Hub AudioFeed featuring Ken Prusa, from the food science and human nutrition department at Iowa State University, will discuss what effect these ingredients have on both carcass fat quality and pork shelf life. He will discuss iodine value and the factors that affect it. Further, Prusa will talk about how Iowa State research is looking at the correlation between the iodine value of feed and the iodine value of the carcass fat.

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