With the damage inflicted by the 2012 drought, and the record-level feed prices that is accompanying it, chances are you have many questions that arise each day.

There is much drought-related information available online to provide answers to short-term and long-term questions related to feeding livestock, marketing animals, water conservation, alternative feed ingredients and much more.

The National Pork Board offers many drought resources specifi c to pork production, including pig nutrition and feed and water management.

You can find those at http://bit.ly/OfzGJ3. Click on the “Other Resources” tab, which will reveal an extensive list of resources, including university websites were you can go for additional information.

If you have specific, farm management-related questions, you can contact Chris Hostetler, NPB’s director of animal science, at CHostetler@pork.org or (515) 223-2606.