Pork is the world’s most consumed meat and the U.S. Meat Export Federation is working to broaden that demand further. This month, the federation will promote the undervalued pork butt (or shoulder).

In 2010, USMEF’s processer and exporter members indentified the pork butt as a cut that would benefit from greater exposure in international markets. So, USMEF turned its attention to the tender, flavorful cut, with the federation’s international directors taking some time to educate foodservice and retail meat buyers about the cut’s versatility. 

This month, USMEF will present three chefs who will demonstrate how the pork butt fits into their countrys’ cuisine, illustrate ways to use it and provide samples. The demonstration will take place during USMEF’s Strategic Planning Conference in Tucson, Ariz.

USMEF also conducted a pork butt recipe contest to help boost the cut’s awareness in

Japan. The winning recipe was American Pork Butt with Plum Wine Sauce, which that winner also will prepare at the meeting. The recipe is available at http://tinyurl.com/3ukwvgb.

In South Korea, USMEF held a month-long promotion with one of the country’s leading cooking magazines to highlight U.S. pork butt recipes by five, “A-list” restaurants in Seoul. According to USMEF officials, this is particularly important because it’s unusual for top Seoul restaurants to feature pork since it’s considered to be a lower-cost meat used for home meal preparation.

“We see incremental opportunities for the pork butt in a number of our markets,” says Dan Halstrom, USMEF senior vice president of global marketing and communication. “As our industry partners around the world get a chance to taste this cut and learn about its superior quality and value, we expect interest will continue to grow.”

According to USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, pork has a 40 percent market share of world meat demand. The closest competitor is chicken at 29 percent, followed by beef at 24 percent.