A new program to benefit returning veterans will begin next month at World Ag Expo. The goal is to place veterans in long-term professions in the agriculture industry. 

“We are committed to train and place veterans with both an interest in and an aptitude for the agriculture industry,” says Stacey Beachy, corporate partnerships director for the International Agri-Center. “The program identifies with the challenges of recently returned veterans who face difficulties starting new careers. We believe the agricultural community is well suited to provide jobs to returning service members.”

Through the Ag Warriors program, with assistance from California State University-Fresno and the College of the Sequoias, returning veterans will receive training to prepare them for careers in agriculture. The program is an in-residence course that will include class work, field work, exam preparation, testing, mentorship and internships — all designed to expose returning veterans to the broader aspects of the agriculture industry and to help them gain access to rewarding careers.

Many veterans, who might otherwise excel, lack the requisite training, certification, familiarity or access to initiate careers in agriculture. The Ag Warriors program at the International Agri-Center is hoping to address that. For more information, go to AgWarriors.com or call (800) 999-9186.