You can now access the 2011 Iowa State University Animal Industry Report any time online at

The report features animal-industry-related research conducted at Iowa State, and this year’s edition has more than 90 articles in nine categories, points out Maynard Hogberg, chair of the Iowa State’s animal science department. The 2011 report combines reports from researchers on campus and out in the state. It outlines research that relates to the pork, beef, dairy, poultry and sheep industries and has sections on animal products, companion animals and the environment.

A variety of professionals conducted the research for this report, including Iowa State faculty, staff and graduate students; visiting scholars; Iowa State Extension field staff; and collaborators and professors from other universities. “The research covers topics such as how to improve production efficiencies, environmental quality, animal-product quality and food safety,” Hogberg notes. “These all are important aspects of keeping animal agriculture strong and viable.”