The 2008 Pork Industry Handbook DVD and the three-volume (1,500-page) book are on the shelf.  The 2008 version contains more than 50 new science-based and cutting-edge fact sheets, and more than 220 fact sheets in all.

Within these informative products, you will find up-to-date production and management strategies, including information to fine tune your approach and manage pork production in difficult times. You’ll find fact sheets on swine health, facilities and equipment, swine nutrition, breeding and genetics, marketing for profit and much more.

The new handbook is the premier reference for modern U.S. pork production, and is written and reviewed by hundreds of experts. It’s brought to you by Purdue University Extension and the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence.

The three-volume book costs $100, while the DVD is $45 — the combo is specially priced at $130. You can get your copy from Agricultural Communication, Media Distribution Center, 231 S. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2094. You also may order by phone at (765) 494-6794, or follow this link.