Everyone knows ileitis takes money from your bottomline, but just how much was always guesswork. A new study has calculated the impact on the U.S. pork industry to be as high as $1.7 billion.

Data collected by the National Animal Health Monitoring System indicate between 5.8 million and 77.2 million pigs are affected by ileitis annually in the United States. This results in annual loses between $8.6 million to $1.7 billion, depending on disease severity, duration, mortality and required culling.

Using a mid-range calculation, researchers peg the probable annual cost of ileitis at $98 million in the United States. This is based on a 40 percent prevalence rate of ileitis in pigs experiencing a mild outbreak of the disease at 99 pounds, lasting for six weeks. These numbers assume an affected population of 35.92, million pigs at a cost of $2.73 per head. The following chart gives you a gauge of what ileitis can cost your operation.


ILEITIS DURATION PIG weight Mild CASE $/pig Severe CASE $/pig
3 weeks, 51 pounds $1.48 $10.50
3 weeks, 99 pounds $1.77 $16.41
6 weeks, 51 pounds $2.29 $17.34
6 weeks, 99 pounds $2.73 $19.51
8 weeks, 51 pounds $2.93 $19.51
8 weeks, 99 pounds $3.42 $22.19

Source: National Animal Health Monitoring System