Pork ribs are a perfect alternative to other grilling options. That’s the message the National Pork Board’s Pork Information Bureau is sending to consumers for the Independence Day holiday.

NPB is working to promote pork ribs’ versatility in several print and radio advertisements aimed at consumers. The ads come with an ethnic twist to lure consumers into buying ribs for their cookouts.

The promotion campaign includes a media kit for newspaper food editors encouraging them to write stories about barbecue pork ribs, along with new recipes featuring a variety of sauces.

NPB also is doing “D.J. Drops” in targeted listening areas. To spark radio disc jockeys’ interest, spokespersons will deliver all of the necessary items for a cookout to the station, including samples of Latin pork ribs with smoky pineapple-mango sauce.

The goal is to get the D.J.’s talking about pork ribs or pork in general, thus driving more consumers to their local supermarket meat case to buy pork. After all, who can resist mouth-watering barbecued ribs?