With the holidays approaching ham is a popular choice for consumers. To help promote ham’s versatility and leanness even further, the National Pork Board created Ham 365: Enjoy Ham All Year. The brochure will arm cooks of all ability levels with everything they need to know about ham and contains convenient and delicious ham recipes for all meals of the day.

The brochure features an easy ham-shopping guide to help home cooks identify the best type of ham for every occasion. The brochure also includes carving tips, ham’s lean nutritional profile, a guide to specialty hams and leftover ideas. In addition, the brochure offers home cooks a variety of ham recipe ideas for meal planning throughout the year.

You can order a free copy of the brochure by going to the Web site, www.otherwhitemeat.com and click on “Offers” on the menu bar. The recipe booklet also is available by sending a self-addressed mailing label to: Ham 365: Enjoy Ham All Year, National Pork Board, P.O. Box 9114, Des Moines, IA 50306.