Since boar semen’s fertility level can influence the reproductive performance of several hundreds or thousands of sows and gilts, it’s critical to follow proper boar care and management techniques, as well as proper semen-processing procedures.

It’s critical that there’s close supervision of the boars and the semen processing laboratory. You also need a program that constantly monitors factors such as boar health, sperm output and semen quality, says Billy Flowers, North Carolina State University. Here are some additional tips from Flowers:

  • Trim hair from the boar’s prepuce and remove dirt and debris from its underline. Use a single-use, disposable wipe to clean the prepucial opening and surrounding area.
  • Use disposable vinyl gloves or a hand disinfectant to reduce risk of cross-contamination between the boars. (Avoid latex gloves, since they may contain a spermicidal powder.)
  • Better yet, use double gloves. Remove the outer glove after collection preparation is complete and just before you begin collecting semen.
  • Evacuate the prepucial fluids. Divert pre-sperm fraction away from the semen collection vessel.
  • Provide warm-up pens for the boars before bringing them into the collection area. The helps reduce fecal and urine contamination of the collection pen.
  • Dispose of filter and rubber bands before transferring semen to the processing laboratory.