A new and improved Web site targeting kids was unveiled. The site, www.pork4kids.com, is designed especially for kids and features several new pork-related games and activities, as well as updated information on everything from raising pigs to making pork dishes.

A Pork Show-and-Tell feature invites kids to submit their "proud pork photos and stories," which could include anything from photos of a child showing his or her pig at the fair to a child holding a pork dish that he or she helped make.

The 'Farmer Spotlight' highlights photos and stories of pork producers from across the country, and kids can "Ask A Farmer" questions that they just can't find the answer to. For those inquisitive minds who like to hunt for answers, the Scavenger Hunt sends kids around the site to find the correct answers to the questions.

Also included is a special section designated for parent and teacher activities, as well as great information related to kids and cooking.

The Web site is a good tool for teaching kids about the different aspects of the pork chain, from production through the cooked product.

National Pork Board