America's leading chefs and menu developers are about to have a new source of ideas and inspiration.

Plate, a new professional culinary journal is devoted to profitable menu ideas and innovation. Each
edition will focus on creative applications for one specific, center-of-the-plate protein category. The premiere issue will spotlight pork, tying the magazine's October debut with National Pork Month.

The Chicago-based Marketing & Tech- nology Group is publishing Plate, with support for this first issue from the National Pork Board. "We believe Plate is a truly unique publishing concept that we are excited to support," says Dallas Hockman, NPB's vice president of demand enhancement. "We believe pork is on the leading edge of menu innovation, and we are proud that our category is the focus of the debut issue."

The first edition will reach more than 23,500 professionals who influence the menus at chain restaurants, independent and corporate foodservice operations. Readers will include executive chefs, research and development executives, food and beverage directors, marketing directors and purchasing directors.

Plate will deliver information on how to select, purchase, prepare and present items for maximum profit and customer impact.

"Plate is a high-end magazine," says Bill McDowell, editorial director. "Our goal is to tap the rich information resources of the protein commodity groups, supplement them with our own independent reporting, and present trends and ideas that chefs at all price and service levels can use in their menu plan."

While the first edition will focus on pork, additional issues will feature other proteins such as veal, poultry and beef. McDowell says four, and possibly six, issues of the magazine will be published in 2003.

"Our analysis shows that a single issue of Plate will contain more category information than an entire year of many foodservice magazines," says Tom Imbordino, publisher.

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