You can now access the Pork Industry Handbook via your computer, thanks to the introduction of the CD-ROM version.

This comprehensive collection contains the electronic version of more than 130 fact sheets on all facets of pork production, notes Palmer Holden, swine specialist at Iowa State University. This format provides an additional way for pork industry professionals to obtain the latest information on production and marketing topics.

The CD-ROM can be used with Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

“The CD-ROM includes a table of contents, listing of all fact sheets, miscellaneous other data and instructions on how to find specific items on the disk,” Holden says. “It’s easy to navigate because all the directions are right there.”

Many of the fact sheets contain video, World Wide Web links, spreadsheets and color photos to supplement the text. Each has been developed and reviewed by authors from throughout the United States selected because of their expertise in the subject area. The handbook is coordinated on a national basis to provide uniform, accurate and current information.

Material content on the CD-ROM is identical to that of the printed version, and is updated annually as part of a three-year subscription. The current subscription period runs from July 1, 1999, to June 30, 2002. Cost is $50 for U.S. addresses, $70 for those outside of the United States.

For an order form, contact your Land-Grant University animal science department or the Iowa Pork Industry Center at 109 Kildee, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-3150. Iowa residents can call the PorkLine at (800) 808-7675.