Taste and convenience are the primary drivers of food choices at home and when dining out. However, a new study has tracked the trends of consumers’ preferences and personal health is gaining importance.

The study, conducted by Packaged Facts, provides some interesting consumer trend predictions that could affect the food industry. The study discovered that higher energy prices, global warming and the “green" movement are having an effect when it comes to food choices.

Buying locally is another factor playing a more important role in food purchases. These concerns will also have an impact on Country of Origin Labeling, as the demand to know where products originate continues to grow.

Some other identified factors include:

  • various levels of government regulations will also have an impact on ingredients
  • opportunities will be created by aging baby boomers motivated to stay young and healthy
  • super fruits will be the stars but anti-oxidants, omega 3's and whole grains continue to be important
  • natural, organic and grass-fed protein will continue going strong
  • eggs will also become more important
  • sustainable or eco-friendly seafood will be one of the hottest trends
  • there may be potential for higher fat pork breeds with more flavor
  • goat meat will gain in popularity
  • cheese will win greater acceptance on the dessert menus
  • ethnic foods are on the rise but may include different ingredients

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Source: ThePigSite.com