The “Pork. The Other White Meat” campaign has changed the way consumers think about pork. A new survey shows that 93 percent of consumers perceive pork products as “high quality” thanks to the familiar slogan.

“The ‘Pork. The Other White Meat’ slogan continues to resonate with consumers, influencing their quality perceptions of pork products in supermarkets across the country,” says Tom Floy, a pork producer and National Pork Board member. “The campaign has built equity among consumers that continues to add value to the product and the industry.”

The survey also reveals that, when shown the logo and tagline, 28 percent more survey participants responded positively to questions about quality. That was particularly true when compared to those participating in a telephone version of the survey.

Overall, 2,100 consumers participated in the survey, with 1,100 reacting to a visual image through a survey conducted on the Internet.

These numbers are backed by a 15-year checkoff-funded tracking study that shows a 20 percent higher rating for pork among people who are aware of pork’s “Other White Meat” message and campaign.