Q: The company I work for gives us the chance to go to a variety of different training opportunities for welding, electrical, computer and supervisory skills as well as other areas at the local community college, but I can’t get any of my coworkers — not even my good friends — to go with me. The company will pay for the cost of the training, but how can I convince them to go along?

A: I can appreciate that you would prefer to have your friends go with you to the training. Certainly there are benefits, such as sharing the experience — as well as the cost of gas to get there — and learning from each other in the process.

Most any type of training can build one’s self-confidence and expand your personal “comfort zone.” For one thing, it can help you see that you have abilities and interests that you didn’t know existed.

You also have the chance to meet new people with common goals and interests. Training improves abilities that you can take with you anywhere you go and use any time in your life.

But often when we are making decisions that have an effect on our personal future, we have to make the decision on our own, without letting others influence our choices. You have to focus on the personal potential that the training will provide for you.

Why would you let other people limit your future? Let your friends and colleagues make their choices, and you make your own. Consider as well that you could be the stimulus that motivates your coworkers to participate in future training opportunities. You could become the go-to person for the company in getting others involved or even training fellow staff in the future. So, just go for it.

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