There is a bill currently under consideration in the New York State Assembly that proposes to implement an outright ban on high fructose corn syrup in the state, according to a report from the Brownfield Network.

It’s worth noting that this new bill follows a New York legislative proposal in January that was directed to ban salt.

Apparently the sponosors of the corn-sweetener bill contend that prohibiting foods made with high-fructose corn syrup will lower the incidence of diseases related to its consumption. That includes pretty much every ailment known to mankind, according to the sweetener's opposition,

However, various representatives of the corn sector have repeatedly pointed out that the high fructose corn syprup used in foods and beverages is similar to sugar. Corn Refiners Association President Audrae Erickson says there’s no nutritional benefit to banning high fructose corn syrup.

There are questions about the likelihood of such a banning seeing the light of day and moving out into the real world. Reportedly fewer than 5 percent of the bills introduced in the New York State Assembly actually become law.

Still, it marks an interesting, and disturbing trend for the food and agriculture sectors. New York, whether the state or the city, seems interested in controlling people’s food choices and consumption. New York City was the first to require restaurants to post calorie information with its menu selections.

Regarding New York's high fructose corn syrup bill — Michael Pollan must be giddy with joy at the mere attempt at such action.