Looking for quality seeds to plant in 2003? The annual Iowa Seed Directory published by the Iowa Crop Improvement Association offers a catalog that includes corn, native prairie species, oats, soybeans and wheat.

The directory contains seed production information from more than 100 producers. ICIA members range from farmer-owned seed enterprises to multi-national companies. The directory lists seeds inspected in 2002 for seed quality and genetic purity.

For native prairie species, ICIA provides assurance that the seed’s collection source is certified. This is important because many native prairie plants and seeds on the market do not guarantee origin.

The association encourages producers to request analysis information when making a seed purchase. The seller should provide customers with documentation of seed germination, variety purity and any presence of weed species. This information assures the buyer that he is purchasing quality seed.

The seed directories are free and available by contacting the association at (515) 294-6921 or iowacrop@iastate.edu. The directory also can be found on the ICIA Web site at http://www.agron.iastate.edu/icia/