From hardwood-smoked bacon to ham, the Sodexo Corporation’s foodservice outlets are adding more pork to their menus at breakfast and lunch to create an outstanding dining experience for the customers they serve.

“These new items offer a lot of possibilities, because many of these offerings become permanent menu items,” says Howard Greenblatt, national foodservice marketing manager for the pork checkoff.
Jazzman’s Café, an upscale corporate brand of Sodexo Corporation that rivals Starbucks, serves approximately 110,000 people a day at colleges, universities, hospitals and businesses across the United States. More than just a specialty coffee shop, Jazzman’s Cafe has launched two new promotional items to its extensive menu, including a triple-decker club sandwich and power-up breakfast sandwich. Both offerings, which are being sold through mid-April, feature hardwood-smoked bacon and smoked ham.

In addition, Sodexo’s Sub Connection, which rivals Subway, is featuring a new Turkey Wrap with hardwood-smoked bacon through June 1. Sub Connection boasts 225 locations in the United States and serves approximately 55,000 patrons per day.

Greenblatt, who notes that the Pork Checkoff is providing funds to help offset the cost of these promotions, adds that many of Sodexo’s previous limited-time offers featuring pork have turned into permanent menu items, including an Italian Supreme Submarine Sandwich with ham, pepperoni, and bacon on an herb roll, as well as a Chipotle Dijon Ham and Swiss sandwich on a roasted onion roll.

“Sodexo is a good partner, and we look forward to helping them find more ways to add pork to their menus,” Greenblatt says.

Source: National Pork Board