Just because you don't work for a large corporation, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to have the same benefits when it comes to insurance in the event that long-term care becomes necessary. Now, you can get those benefits.

Communicating for Agriculture and the Self-Employed (CA) has reached an agreement with Life Investors Insurance Company of America to offer long- term care insurance at a 10 percent discount to members of CA. If you and your spouse enroll in the plan the discount is 20 percent.

"Long-term care insurance is the fastest-growing type of health insurance sold in recent years. Still, only 5 percent of those over age 65 have purchased private long-term care insurance," says Wayne Nelson, president of CA. "At this time, 10 percent of Americans will spend five or more years in a nursing home after the age of 65 with bills totaling $200,000 to $400,000."

For more information call (800) 432-3276 or visit www.selfemployedcountry.org.