A group of agricultural business and university experts have put together a guidebook called Ag Help Wanted. The goal is to help agricul-tural professionals better manage their labor resources.

The book outlines inventive ideas that managers use to help them meet human-resource needs including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of agricultural employees.
  • Organizational planning, such as legal requirements and ergonomic principals that reduce injuries.
  • Staffing agricultural businesses.
  • Supervising agricultural work.
  • Management styles.
  • Strategies to develop teamwork.
  • Managing employee performance.
  • Benefits and pay structures.
  • Communication and problem solving.

“The book provides information to help managers make reasonable, legal and effective choices for their businesses and the people they employ,” says Jeff Tranel, a co-author and Colorado State University Extension agricultural and business management economist.

For more information and to order the book, go to www.aghelp wanted.org. You can buy the book for $25 or a CD-ROM for $10. A second CD – also $10 – contains a collection of videos that illustrate different
approaches to one-on-one communication in problem situations.