A new national education program is available to help you and your advisors apply the principles of environmental stewardship on your pork operation.

The program, entitled “ Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship Curriculum” contains 26 lessons that are grouped into six modules: animal dietary strategies, manure storage and treatment, land application and nutrient management, and outdoor air quality.

The lessons are available in a searchable CD, a two-CD set of PageMaker files, or a printed handbook. All three formats are available from the MidWest Plan Service. The cost of the searchable CD is $25, plus shipping. The two-CD set is $25, plus shipping. The printed handbook is $55, plus shipping.

To learn more about the curriculum or to place an order, visit the Web site: www.lpes.org/ or call MWPS at (800) 562-3618.