‘SoLean’ brand product manufacturer Natural Harmony Foods has launched new retail and foodservice breakfast products, including an egg and sausage muffin. The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based food company said the new items, including two wrapped breakfast sandwiches, have proved popular in testing that indicated primary approval on the sausage muffin but requested companion products.

"If these items are approved, and we expect to know soon, it'll give us the critical volume necessary to launch them to other retailers as well as into foodservice," CEO Sam Dewar said in press release. "We expect these items will be important contributors by the second quarter of '08."

Breakfast is an expanding food category in foodservice and provides a growth opportunity for pork. Food retailers are courting outlets that offer quick meal options for those who eat ‘on the run.’ Sausage, ham and bacon dominate the breakfast meat category.

Among Natural Harmony's customers are the Kroger and Publix supermarket chains.