A new publication offers ideas and ways to improve and maintain the health status of a boar stud.

The American Association of Swine Practitioners has published a 12-page brochure, “Boar Stud Isolation and Health Guidelines.” The pamphlet offers insight into practices you can follow to reduce the introduction and spread of diseases within a boar stud.

Topics addressed include the isolation facility and protocols, biosecurity, boar care and health monitoring. Tables in the publication detail bacteria and viruses that may be carried into a herd by boar semen.

AASP’s Swine Health Committee prepared the brochure, which is available for $1 per copy plus shipping and handling. If you order 10 or more copies, the price is 75 cents each plus shipping and handling.

To order, write the American Association of Swine Practitioners, 902 First St., Perry, IA 50220. You can call AASP at (515) 465-5255 or send a fax to (515) 465-3832.