On Oct. 3-5, animal manure authorities from across the nation will make presentations and discuss a wide variety of hog, beef and poultry production issues relating to manure and the environment. North Carolina State University personnel are managing the symposium, which will be held in Raleigh, N.C. Most topics will fall within these categories:

  • Odors.
  • Human health.
  • Value-added byproducts.
  • Recovering nutrients with crops.
  • Manure phosphorus and phosphorus index.
  • Ammonia volatilization.
  • Pathogens in animal manure.
  • Nitrates and water quality.
  • New manure-handling procedures.
  • Swine lagoon management.
  • Hog-manure-handling lessons learned in North Carolina.

On Friday morning, one option includes videotaped tours of commercial-scale, manure-management technologies being used on North Carolina hog, dairy and poultry farms. That afternoon, another option offers a tour of the animal-and-poultry-waste-processing facility on a North Carolina State University farm.

The symposium will be held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Attendance fee is $125 per person. For symposium details and a list of poster presentations, visit the Web site at: http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/waste_ mgt/. For more information contact the symposium chairman at his e-mail at Gerald_Havenstein@ncsu.edu, telephone (919) 515-5555, fax (919) 525-2625.