There are three new distance-learning programs available from the National Pork Board to expedite the daily tasks within your pork operation. The new programs include the Production Series, the Manager Series and the Customizable Employee Training Series.

These new programs combine with previously offered courses to maximize learning and minimize downtime within your business. The end result is a concise distance-learning package for producers with more information on fewer compact discs.   

The Production Series, a four-disc set, is designed for people who are new to the pork industry. It also can be used as a refresher for seasoned veterans.

The first disc includes a bilingual English/Spanish version of the new Farrowing Management course, the new Grower/Finisher Management course and the Nursery Management course. Your Role as a Swine Caretaker, Biosecurity in Pork Production and Effective Handling of Pigs is included in the second bilingual disc. The third disc is a bilingual DVD on the Pork Production Safety System. A final disc in the series includes the new Swine Disease Recognition and Treatment course, the Breeding and Gestation Management, Ventilation Management, On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine and the Pig Husbandry and Stockmanship courses.

The Manager Series is a two-disc set that includes resources to assist with personnel development, as well as a set of financial- and business-management decision tools. The personnel development section includes the new Swine Caretaker course, the Human Resources Management course and a bilingual Pork Production Safety System course. The decision tools include Financial Analysis, a Sow Housing Alternatives Calculator and Troubleshooting Production and Financial Benchmarks.

Finally, the employee training tools can be customized to include producer-specific information such as standard-operating procedures. The bilingual Customizable Employee Training Series includes new courses addressing Your Role as a Swine Caretaker, Farrowing Management, Nursery Management, Grow/Finish Management, Pork Production Safety System and Biosecurity in Pork Production.

These new distance-learning courses are available at no cost to U.S. pork producers by calling NPB’s ServiceCenter at (800) 456-PORK or at