Corner molding left over from construction of hog buildings found a new use on the Chris and Sandra Yaklin farm near Ellerbe, N.C. Chris used 10-inch-square pieces to make “roofs” over the thermostat controls that operate the side curtains on their grow/finish buildings.

“It took just a few minutes to cut the molding and put it in place,” says Chris. “And, by shielding the controls from rain, the roof should prolong their life.”

This is just one of several useful innovations Chris has embodied in or on the couple’s nine grow/finish houses. A graduate in mechanical engineering, he enjoys using his professional skills to benefit the hog operation.

Sandra is in charge of the hogs, handling the operation almost single-handedly most of the time.

One-time capacity of their nine buildings is 7,920 pigs from about 50 pounds to market. They are finished under contract with Carroll’s Foods.