McDonald's has rolled out a campaign that talks about where and how it sources its meat products. The effort includes a Web site, television ads, billboards and even facts printed on product packaging. At some point, it will include actual images/photos of where it sources its products. The point is to bust various myths about the quality of meat-- particularly beef and chicken.

"At the volume we sell and the prices we sell at, it is no surprise there are misconceptions about our food and where it comes from," says Danya Proud, McDonald's spokesperson.

McDonald's will be establishing a new Web site where people can click on specific menu items and read the answers to a variety of questions such as:

Q: Is it true that your sausage has additives that make people want to eat more?

A: No, it's untrue. McDonald's pork sausage has no fillers or extenders, just a blend of home-style seasonings.

The plan is to expand the Web site to add even more transparency to its supply chain. McDonald's will take cameras out to the fields and farms to provide a full picture of McDonald's sourcing processes and the respective farms, notes Proud.

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Source: McDonald's.,