For years, ham, bacon and sausage have enjoyed a virtual monopoly at breakfast. It appears that McDonalds has teamed up with the chicken industry to challenge pork—the breakfast king. The fast food giant will now add chicken to its realm of breakfast offerings. To promote the new items, a mass sampling event at 14,000 of the chain's restaurants is scheduled for May 15.

On that day, customers can try the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit during breakfast hours for free at participating McDonalds locations. The chicken biscuit marks McDonald's venture into the chicken-for-breakfast category, and the chain has been testing the item in Southern markets throughout 2008.

By giving customers, many of whom are unaccustomed to chicken for breakfast, the opportunity to try the new menu items, McDonalds anticipates 2 million Southern Style Chicken Biscuits will be given away nationwide.  By adding the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit to its lineup, McDonald's has become the largest national fast food chain to serve chicken at breakfast, according to the company.

St. Louis-based chain Hardee's also recently added a breakfast chicken item to its menu--the Chicken Fillet Biscuit, sold for $2.99.