McDonald’s is helping adults "Go Active!" by introducing healthy happy meals for grown-ups at all 13,500 of its U.S. restaurants, starting May 6.

A target of obesity lawsuits and a magnet for criticism that fast food is unhealthy, McDonald's also launched a marketing blitz to address health issues head-on and tout new diet-conscious options at its outlets. The company also plans to roll out healthier choices in its Happy Meals for kids nationwide in June, such as the option to substitute apple slices and juice for fries and a soft drink.

Some other incentives includes distributing distribute brochures telling customers how to modify their McDonald's orders for lower fat, calories and carbohydrates; and offering low fat salad dressing, a fourth variety of salad, and nutrition information on Happy Meal packages.

With McDonald’s leading the way, look for other fast-food restaurant chains to address the obesity issue.