Struggling to find an efficient means of keeping track of your manure management strategies? Well, look no further.

The Iowa Crop Management Database is just what you need. This user-friendly computer program was developed at Iowa State University to record agronomic and economic information on crop production, including livestock manure usage and application.

The program has a built-in list of different types of livestock manure commonly found in Iowa, along with their default nutrient values. You can enter manure nutrient values from your own farm into the program. When you combine these values with those from the fertilizer recommendation section of CMD, it’s easy to determine the manure application rates for your crops and record the information in the database.

You can run the CMD program on a Pentium PC or Power Mac computer. It costs $100 and you can order from Extension Software Services, 100 EES Building, Haber Road, Ames, IA 50011-3070 or call (515) 294-8658.

For more information about the program, contact Craig Tordsen, Iowa State agronomy department, at (515) 294-6685.