The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship or LPES curriculum, consists of 26 lessons that address the impact of four, high-profile manure management practices on environmental stewardship. Those areas include: dietary strategies; manure storage and treatment; land applications and nutrient management; and outdoor air quality.

Each lesson contains a regulatory compliance assessment tool meant to assist producers and their Extension agents identify common compliance issues, their relevance to the producer’s operation and whether the producer has achieved compliance. In addition, most lessons contain an environmental-stewardship-assessment tool that evaluates the risks associated with the producer’s management practices.

For added convenience, producers can access interactive versions of those assessment tools at the LPES Web site, The site also contains the 26 lessons in a PDF format. There’s also a corrections-and-additions section that lists changes to the LPES materials. Finally, individuals can order curriculum materials from the Web site.

In addition, you can order LPES materials by calling MidWest Plan Service at (800) 562-3618 or by e-mailing your request to