Foot-and-mouth disease is an on-going issue throughout the world. So while the United King-dom is the latest victim, you should be aware of precau-tions to protect your herd. Here are some suggestions from the California State Department of Food and Agriculture.

  • Foreign travelers should always declare on their Customs form if they have been on a farm or in contact with livestock; and always declare the presence of any meat or dairy products.
  • Ask foreign visitors to provide information about their recent farm and animal contacts.
  • If possible, exclude foreign visitors from your livestock facilities for at least five days after arrival in the United States.
  • Do not permit clothing, shoes or other articles (such as luggage, cameras, jewelry and watches) that have been in FMD-affected countries to enter your livestock facilities.
  • Keep clean protective clothing and footwear available. Require visitors to wear these items and thoroughly wash their hands prior to entering a livestock facility.
  • Do not allow meat or animal products to enter your facilities.
  • Discourage close contact or handling of animals by foreign visitors.
  • If you're traveling to an affected foreign country, carefully wash and disinfect all clothing and shoes upon arrival to the United States.